The SCHOOL Program

Admissions have become increasingly competitive at America’s top schools, and applicants and their families face a growing number of challenges in achieving their academic goals. Led by Bruce Breimer, a legendary force in the admissions world, counseling by Fisher Pei offers unparalleled services for families.

Known affectionately as “the Boss” by countless students who have benefited from his guidance, Bruce Breimer has spent decades in college admissions, counseling children of New York City’s elite and earning a national reputation within the admissions community. Leveraging Mr. Breimer’s reach and range of admissions contacts, Fisher Pei offers admissions guidance tailored to the needs of each individual student. This maximizes the student’s chances to earn a coveted place at one of America’s foremost institutions.

College Services

College applications are at record highs, prompting many of the Nation’s top schools to accept only a small fraction of applicants. For instance, most Ivy League schools accept fewer than 10% of applicants. With an acceptance rate to the most prestigious colleges five – and even 10 – times higher than the national average, Bruce Breimer and the team at Fisher Pei are dedicated to providing you with the tools and guidance necessary to navigate the process: they work with your child to develop and polish every aspect of his or her profile.

Pre- and Post-College Services

College Admissions has often been the initial entry point into the American education system for foreign families. But as the competition grows, many families are now looking to send their children to the United States for Boarding School, Summer School programs, and even Junior Boarding Schools. Fisher Pei has the experience and contacts necessary to facilitate your child’s application to any of these opportunities, including a post-high school “gap” year.

If your child is seeking to expand upon an existing college education, Fisher Pei also offers guidance to identify and apply to the most appropriate graduate programs.

Fisher Pei provides access 7 days a week via web chat and phone conversations, as well as through local team members.