SCHOOL Services:

  • Extensive interview and evaluation of the student
  • Personalized planning based on family, school and other information
  • Detailed management of the application process
  • Guidance in touring and selecting target schools
  • Test and interview preparation
  • Academic and extra-curricular performance review and advice
  • Acculturation workshops
  • Vacation, holiday and ‘downtime’ management
  • Coordinating summer activities, from academic and athletic programs to community service
Post acceptance wellness program (optional)

In addition to the services available above, students selected by Fisher Pei will also receive unique care throughout their time studying in America. If emergency medical care is required, Fisher Pei will move immediately to ensure that your child has the best medical attention available. Fisher Pei will also act as a liaison between the school and your family, working with the school to ensure that the student thrives in his or her new environment, academically and socially With our vast experience and extensive private network of contacts, Fisher Pei is ready to assist you and your children in finding the perfect entry point into the American educational system.